About Us

Welcome to Delhi Textiles, a name that echoes the vibrant spirit of Delhi, a city steeped in the rich tapestry of Indian textile history. Our brand is a tribute to this cultural legacy, offering a modern twist on time-honored quality. While ‘Delhi Textiles’ is the name that adorns our label, our roots run deep as TJ Textiles, the name that carries our 25-year-old legacy. We’re committed to delivering the finest fabrics, just as our city has for centuries. Our belief is unwavering: our customers are our utmost priority, our guiding deities. It’s this belief that inspires us to strive for perfection in every yard of fabric we produce. Say goodbye to the confusion of traditional markets. We bring you the convenience of a one-stop online shop for all your fabric needs, without compromising on choice or quality. Our selection spans the best of Rayon, Cotton, Cambric, and Polyester Fabrics, tailored to your unique requirements. At Delhi Textiles, your vision is our mission, and we’re dedicated to making it a reality.